Discipline: gesture theatre, puppets, mime and objects theatre

​Public: all audience

​Format: peformance (indoor)


Language: no text

Duration: 45 min.

Award for virtuosity in the movement: Tandarica 2015 (Romania)

Award Best Show: Pierrot 2015 (Bulgaria)

Award Best Show: Fof 2015 (Italy)

Award Best Show : Plovdiv 2016 (Bulgaria)

Audience Award: Puppet is a human too 2016 (Poland)



Zero en conducta Co.​ 
"Allegro ma non troppo"   (or...¿if the love is blind...why is it looking at us?)

“Sometimes Love is blind… and sometimes the lovers are the ones who are unseen. The story of a caress, the adventures of a reading lamp that writes to its love enlighted by its own light, the life of a mysterious being that can’t be seen but can be felt… All theses pieces build together a mosaic in which a couple, from so much dancing, gets involved”


This visual show uses puppets, objects and physic theatre to tell us about this crazy being which is walking blind through life, giving kicks without to know whom, but which is nevertheless worth receiving a homage: Love.




Zero en Conducta (“F in Behaviour”) is a project that explores gesture theatre and puppets to create an own visual language.


Since its beginning, the work of Zero en Conducta has been based on the use of different visual art techniques and on the search of a common language: so, corporal puppets, objects theatre, dance and mime are been mixed to enrich each other.


The first production, called (“Nymio: Minimal stories told by hands”), was focused on the many possibilities of the hands to tell stories. Since the premiere at the Titiriguada Festival (Spain) in 2012, it has been shown more than 60 times in various European countries (Italy, Germany, France and Netherlands for example).


With the joining of Julieta in the year 2013, they are now two persons on the stage. Together they keep exploring, by discovering new possibilities, new challenges and new languages. Allegro ma non troppo is the first result of this new art of playing.