Zero en Conducta Co.
"La dernière danse de Brigitte"


​Discipline: gesture theatre, puppets, mime corporal and movement 

​Publics: all

​Format: performance (indoor & outdoor


Language: no text 

Duration: 50 min


Award Best Interpretation: Fira de Lleida  2017(Spain)


Audience Award Best Show: Mimos de Perigeux 2017(France)

Audience Award: Puppet is a human too 2017 (Poland)

Jury Award: Puppet is a human too 2017(Poland)


Brigitte is so old that her memories are in black and white. If you ask her how old she is, she will say too many years and a few more. So many that in her youth colour did not exist. Brigitte lives in her chair, a chair that she built by herself, based on her memories. Immobile memories that were and have stopped being.Moments of life she has treasured and which lost their soul.


But today it’s different. Today is an important day, maybe the most important. Today Brigitte is leaving forever. But not by any manner: Brigitte wants to leave flying. Of course somebody who can’t longer walk has only one way to fly: with the help of his memory.


Brigitte has two strongest memories: Eugene, the love of her life, and a young girl called Brigitte, so young that she still thinks humans can fly. Together they will help the old Brigitte to review the few moments she remembers of her life.


That moment in which she flew so high that she could play with the moon, or those moments in which Eugene made her laugh with his umbrella, or when she was making herself up in front of the mirror and painting with her imagination more than her eyes, or these vestiges of glory when they were dancing in front of hundreds of people. Maybe too much time has gone and her head is now like a scratched disk – but whatever, it’s definitely not about remembering, it’s about flying for a last time.


LA DERNIÈRE DANSE DE BRIGITTE is the third piece of Zero En Conducta – Theatre of Movement.

Staying true to the company language, this new project explores also other ways of movement and gets the most out of the expressive and poetic potential of the mime and of the puppets theatre. Using direct manipulation, objects manipulation, body puppets, dance and mime theatre, the company manages to tell us the unusual story of Brigitte.