Discipline: performance

​Public: all

​Format: indoor & outdoor

Language: no texto

Duration: 20 min. 



Diego Sinniger

This project started from the idea of ​​the duo SABA by  Lali Ayguadé, choreographer and dancer. In this solo, we are more focus in the the trajectory and the emotional journey of that the character spends and is explained more deeply.


This human is lost, and he is fragile. He has lost the notion of time and also the control of his body, he don’t  know who controls whom.


If the mind controls the body or the body controls the mind.

But where is the soul in all this?


Every human being is at some point in situations of internal struggle, where he fights against himself to avoid falling into the abyss of fear or desolation, that is why each and every one of us, in that small moment of uncertainty, is able to choose , define and accept our choice to take control or to be controlled only by our negative thoughts, where love has no voice or vote.

Diego Sinniger calls himself as an artist “without label”. He feels passionated about any way of artistic expression that expands within the sensitibity of the individual. Its main axis is the movement, where

he defines himself as a choreographer and dancer who develops his style from a technique he calls as “muscular consciousness” (a mixture of the amount of years travelling between different cultures as contemporary dance, hip hop, circus or even the martial arts). He begans within the urban dance, being trained mainly in Spain and New York. He worked in national and international projects, such as Brodas Bros, Uniq, Dblock, A Base de Bases, among others.

At the same time, he has been trained in the contemporary dance field in several cities as Spain, France, Brussels and Germany. Attending in different educations and festivals as Varium (Barcelona), Cobosmika seeds (Palamos), Festival Deltebre Dansa, etc. While he was living in Brussels, he took classes with choreographers such as Wim Vandekeybus, Elena Fokina, Peter Jasko, Anton Laschky, Jordi Cortés, Laura Aris, Francisco Cordoba… 

He has been working as a performer  and as a choreographer in the following pieces: DISCONN eCt, LIOV and PaH. In the last 5 years he has been working with different companies such as Lali Ayguade Company (U an Mi, Kokoro, SA BA), Roser Lopez Espinosa (Noviembre), Ziomara Hormaetxe (Biopiracy), Cia. Cobosmika (O.T.A, Scrakeja’t), among others…

Nowadays he is really interested in theater and different methods of interpretation such as Stanislavsky method or, even more, with the Lecoq method (Jacque Lecoq). “You can always discover or become aware of some muscle of your body that will give you infinite possibilities of movement”

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