Los Moñekos

We-ding! street show for two brides. You are all invited. We’ll meet all in front of the village church. Do not forget to bring the rice! Oh, and tell Mariano not to be late, please!

Two brides find themselves face to face, dressed in white, waiting in the same church. Pardon me…did you said Mariano? Yes ... they are marrying the same person, Mariano. By the rhythm of reggaeton, with garter belt and veil, these two bearded brides will fight for their prey ... there will be a wedding?

Los Moñekos is made up of Sarah Anglada and Miguel Fiol. They are autochthonous, selfsufficient, self-satisfied, they are fully authorized but can, could, and may cause any kind of alien disorder.

These two witty characters studied and trained in dance and dramatic arts, thus creating their own personal style: Los Moñekos fluctuate between dance and physical theatre, between humor and surrealism, between order and chaos, while playing with music, voice and object manipulation. Their

base is very physical, they work with human speed and coordination altering reality. Step by step they manage to create a language of their own.

The company was set up in 2010 with the show La Virgen del Moñeko, regarded as the most voted show by the Red de Teatros Alternativos 2010.

YI-HA is the second show by Los Moñekos, which premiered at the Festival Palma amb Dansa 2014  (Mallorca), being a recommended show by Red Española de Teatros 2016 and Escena Platea; the show won the award ACT 2017 (Bilbao). AMORTAL COMBAT is their first street show (2015). We-ding! is their second street show premiered in Festival Dansat 2017 (Barcelona) and part of the Red ACIELOABIERTO 2017 and a recommended show of the ci rcuit Danza a Escena 2018.

Discipline: dance-theatre-humor-love show

​Public:  all audience

​Format: indoor & outdoor


Language: ​​without text

Duration: 20 min

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