Zero en conducta 06
Zero en conducta 06

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Zero en conducta 04

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Zero en conducta 06


Discipline: gesture theatre, puppets,

mime and objects theatre

​Public: all audience

​Format: performance (indoor & outdoor)


Language: no text

Duration: 45 min.  (5 independent chapters)

Audience Award Best Show: Mó 2017 (Oeiras, Portugal)

Award Best Interpretation: Tandarica 2016 (Romania)

Zero en Conducta​ Co. 
"Nymio. Minimal histories told with the hands"

Nymio combines corporal puppets with gesture theatre. It uses the infinite possibilities of the hand to tell us five short stories of little beings who dream, who dance and wish to fly.

A series of poetics moments for children and adults!

Zero en Conducta is a project that explores gesture theatre and puppets to create a unique visual language style. Jose Antonio Puchades developed ZERO EN CONDUCTA (F in Behaviour) after finishing his studies in Dramatic Arts and a specialization in physical theatre (Etienne Decroux Technique). His experience also includes involvement in dance, direction, and theatre pedagogy as well as the art of puppetry (through different languages


With ZERO EN CONDUCTA, Putxa wishes to focus in the world of movement by combining puppets, manipulation, gesture, and dance without disregarding other disciplines which could enrich the project. “Nymio” is the first work coming out of this experimental project.