Discipline: dance

​Public:  all audience

​Format: indoor & outdoor


Language: ​​without text

Duration: 20 min

Lali Ayguadé Company

Time itself brings to light the essence of things.


Maybe evolution is due to an ongoing search that we are condemned to do. We are lost and seek, we seek to find something but do not know exactly why. And in this path where we travel from birth until we die, there is always someone with us, sometimes imperseptible accompanying us.


Lali Ayguadé born in Barcelona in 1980, Lali Ayguade studied from 1996 at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona for dance category and later on moved into the school of Anne Teresa De Keermaeker’s PARTS having different repertoir as William Forsythe, Trisha Brown and Rosas. In her fourth year she made a solo “Silence” coach by Wim Vandekeybus and later on made a duet “ Zoom In” with the polish dancer and choreographer Radek Hewelt wich was performed in several countries in Europe. After school she enter in Publik Eye Company from Denmark. In 2003 Eulalia joined the Akram Khan Company as a full time member creating and performing in the productions: Kaash, Ma, Bahok, Vertical Road and Confluence. She as well worked with Roberto Olivan (Enclave Dance Company) with the production Homeland and with Hofesh Shecther for the productions In your rooms, Cult and the Art of not looking back. In 2005 she created a own piece “Twice Read” together with the slovak dancer and choreographer Anton Lachky. Between 2007 and 2009 she created short pieces with the acrobat Joan Ramon Graell. In 2012 she created “Little Me” with the Corean dancer Young Jin Kim and the Catalan acrobat Joan Català, and “Encontre” , another duo with Joan Català. in 2010 she has been nominated outstanding dancer at the London Critics' Awards.

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