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Los Informalls
"Innards with chips"

“Entrañas con patatas” (Innards with chips) is a one-hour journey through the essence of its protagonists, Luis and Pere, who together with Valentina, the technical operator who makes everything happen, tell their peculiar love story that travels from the most absurd to the deepest part of a relationship, two beings united by the bond of friendship who have decided to confront fear through the exploration of the ridiculous and the total exposure of all that their identity entails. Where error becomes an essential tool whose tree bears fruit to an organic and changing story that is sustained thanks to the fine line between risk and control. 

How can we create a platform in order to exist without limitations? The question does not lie in how to express oneself or how to represent a concept to the public, but in how to transgress the boundaries of what is established that articulate the silhouette of our social behavior on a day-to-day basis. This proposal is built on the premise that nothing stays the same and everything is subject to constant change, using continuous repetition of certain fragments of the text and scenes where the material remains the same but is in constant evolution. There are things that can only be understood when they lose their meaning, that moment in which they are stripped of their original implication and new ways of reading and interpreting become available. 

Luis and Pere reduce their identity to ashes to be able to reinvent themselves free of conditioning. How do physicality, absurdity and contradiction coexist in one piece? This proposal crosses the border of the conventional and is governed by its own rules, converting play, movement, the voice and humor into channels from which one can embrace acceptance from a point of no return, where situations are created in which improvisation will show them the way forward by exposing their vulnerability. 

A living entity that adapts to its present state (and that of the spectators) and which, precisely, finds its essence in that metamorphic condition so inherent to the human being, which consists of removing layers of skin, one by one, until you reach the very innards of a being where the limits of one’s own identity are unfolded. 

The possibility of imagination has been opened... The rest is left to be disemboweled.

Discipline: dance-physical theater-improvisation

​Public:  from 12 year

​Format: indoor


Language: ​​english

Duration: 50 min

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