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“ESO” (That) is a short-lived physical theater piece where the protagonist receives an unexpected visit from an illusory character. Little by little a relationship begins to develop, reaching surreal points that are the engine of endless unexpected situations. The protagonist and his invisible visitor, who lives through sound, invite viewers to travel through the universe they surf while getting to know each other.

This piece is a journey that invites to awaken the spark of the collective imagination streaching a simple concept until the extreme. A fantastic tale where words lose weight and the physical body takes over. A piece that opens the door to a place where everything is possible, everything can happen from an annoying little noise to a compleatly chaotic scenario.

“That” is an adventure for all audiences where dance, music and improvisation shine with the stamp of Los Informalls humor with an special audience and environment interaction. This is a solo performance in which every time it is perfromed Luis or Pere exchange roles by playing the protagonist or taking the mic for the invisible character.

Discipline: dance-physical theater-improvisation

​Public:  all audience

​Format: indoor & outdoor


Language: ​​no text.

Duration: 20 min

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