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Chey Jurado & Akira Yoshida

Two people attending to what resembles them, looking for something, something they already have; but they do not lose the pleasure of looking for it, which makes them move and feed the emotion that comes from their connection, from the simple to the simply complex ... lose the north, and there, find again: the journey between people.  

We often depend on external elements that makeour lives easier, until these things really end up directing our lives. But what happens when we lose those things that we take so much for granted? those things that we feel as an extension of our body? What happens when we lose the materialistic elements? What remains then? As humans, we are always looking for direction. Without a direction, we are lost.

Once we lose the external and materialistic input, we also lose our direction, which leads to only one option: another direction. Getting lost is also beautiful and many new options are opening up on the horizon.

Discipline: dance

​Public:  all audience

​Format: indoor & outdoor


Language: ​​without text

Duration: 15 min or 30 min.

Audience Award Choreographic Competition MasDanza Canarias 2020

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