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Compañía Kimani

COSPRESS is a physical theater show using objects and without words. With a distinctive ironic, surrealist and poetical undertone it deals with the obsession for body worship.

It portrays two women who are victims of their own struggle to fit into the perfect model mold. Flirting with death, which awaits all those who obey like puppets who have no free will, they will reach nonacceptance and madness.

Eagerness to create fusing movement, expression and play with a ma nikin has brought to life a new company: Kimani, with Helena Canas, contemporary dancer and Cristina Aguirre, actress. Iolanda Llansó joined the creative process, directing ideas and images. Together they will encounter the story’s emotional thread.

Discipline: physical theater and objects manipulation

​Public: from 12 years

​Format: indoor & outdoor


Languaje: ​no text

Duration: 30 min. or 45 min.

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