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Helena Canas & Marc Lapuerta

Saturday, 12.35pm, 27 ° C.

Marisol decides to go to the beach, as always since 9 in the morning she is preparing verything verycarefully. Sun, calm and more sun ... is all she wants. Tino wakes up pretty early today, it's hot and he goes directly to the beach. Towel, a drink and he is ready.

She perfectionist and a little ... mmm peculiar. He conformist and "simpleton".

Two characters, one beach and many hours of sun. Will they coexist in peace?

The idea comes from a solo by Helena Canas, about different situations that can happen on any day to the beach.

Premiered his solo in 2018 has now been converted into a duo. After the solo investigation and representing the solo in different places, Marc Lapuerta joins, which brings new energy and desire to continue researching and modifying the original idea, and thus, jointly investigate new situations that can happen when two characters meet that are totally, or apparently different, one next to the other ...

Discipline: dance-theater and comedy

​Audience: all

​Format: indoor & outdoor


Language: no text

      Duration: 20 min.

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