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Rotativa Performing Arts is born from a common interest of Bernabé Rubio and Nini Gorzerino to give visibility
to artistic proposals they considere as very attractive, for producers as well as for a large audience.
Rotativa Performing Arts is a live performance booking agency which promotes and organizes shows
of different genres, for different audiences and for any kind of location.
Rotativa Performing Arts promotes high quality shows,
that are easy to produce and have a fresh and interesting language. 
Rotativa Performing Arts meets the artistic needs of most cultural event producers.

Graduated in Labour Relations at the University of Barcelona, Bernabé Rubio began to be interested in the Audiovisual and Performing Arts learning photography and edition with Gonzalo Toloza, and taking part in an improvisation contact dance course with Sebastián García Ferro.


Thus, he came back to the University for a Postgraduate Study in Management of Live Production Shows  and visited various trainings like Computer tools applied to cultural projects, training for Artists and Audiovisual Creators proposed by the Council of Barcelona within the ArtWork'09 program, and different courses of the Business Development Service of the region of Catalonia.


During two years he worked as a communication and production assistant for the dance company Iliacán, directed by the choreographer Álvaro de la Peña, associated artist of the Barcelona choreographic center La Caldera. In 2010 he worked with Juan Eduardo López (ex-director of La Marató de l’Espectacle and the CQD network) on the project Danza en Familia as a production and camera assistant.

In 2012 he participated in the DIES DE DANSA Festival as a technical and production assistant.

During 2013 he worked as a booking assistant for the company La Intrusa Danza. 


Bernabé Rubio

Production and booking / Founder member

Nini Gorzerino

Graduated in French-German Public Law and post-graduated in Intercultural Communication in Germany and in Germanic Studies in France, Nini Gorzerino has always been interested in the paper of the performing arts as a tool for conflict resolution and intercultural dialogue.


In this sense she travelled to many countries and collaborated with several cultural and social projects in Germany, France, Spain and Bolivia, among which the most important were the organization of rock concerts, video events and exhibitions in Bolivia, and the realization of performing arts festivals in Europe like the German Theatre and Music Festival Perspectives (Saarbrücken, 2002-2008), the Catalan Arts Festival Marató de l’Espectacle (Barcelona, 2008-2009) and the International Contemporary Dance Festival DIES DE DANSA (Barcelona, 2009-2013).


Recently she worked as a producer with Juan Eduardo López (Danza en Familia workshops and DIES DE DANSA Festival), as an assistant for European Affairs with the international network of dance festivals CQD - Dancing cities, as a booking agent for the dance company La Intrusa Danza, as an administrative in the German Youth Culture Centre Café Exodus, as European project coordinator for the BIDE project and La Caldera, and currently as production assistant for the festival Deltebre Dansa and  responsable for communication and management in the music shop Sax On.



Administration and communication / Founder member

We want to bring diversity in the live arts market, to increase performances possibilities and catch the attention of new audiences, offering them new and more intimate languages. The new creators and the spontaneity of their proposals allow a direct dialogue between the performer and the spectator, and therefore present creations in an accessible and attractive way.


We take advantage of all resources and formats to find good proposals and provide appropriate solutions for each need. 


We pose a close relationship as distributor, as consultant and as organizer. We get involved from the start with meetings and visits, until an agreement is made and the performances are carried out.

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