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Miguel Fernández Quintet
"African Blues"

"Plenty of jazz saxophonists explore their instrument’s vast range of sounds; fewer get into modifying the instrument to bring that range more in line with the sounds they imagine it to be capable of. (...)

Afrikan Blues features only one of his frequent collaborators, pianist Leo Genovese, but it’s still a tight quintet. Fernández and trumpeter Jason Palmer are strongly locked in together, playing Fernández’s original themes in such strong unison that the sound of their instruments often merges into a third, distinct timbre. The rhythm section keeps things mostly straight ahead, and Genovese is the unstable element, his unpredictable playing always leaping sideways into a new idea.

Fernández is often at his best holding out long, draping phrases, but does some interesting work at higher speeds as well, jittering through the oddly nervous theme of “Maravilla” and confidently squeezing out a series of loosely connected ideas during his solo on the title track. As one might expect of player who tinkers with saxes for a living, his tone is always spot-on, a strong voice for a sharp composer whose profile deserves to rise.”  - Joe Tangari, ★★★★, DownBeat Magazine -




Since Miguel Fernández gives life to this group in 2007, he has been playing an original repertoire in venues and festivals in and outside of Spain. His penultimate work Transplanet Species (Fresh Sound New Talent) has been awarded twice Best Jazz Album 2010, by the Editorial Group Enderrock (Catalonia) and by the BBK Jazz Foundation (Basque Country).


​Discipline: jazz music

Public : all

​Format: concert


Language: no text

Duration: 80 min.

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